Xbox-brand TVs will play games from the cloud

Xbox Game Pass has been one of Microsoft’s biggest success stories of this generation. Microsoft has announced its big plans to grow and improve the service over time. The Xbox brand televisions that will bring the gaming experience directly to our screens were announced by the company today.

XBox brand televisions will play games from the cloud

The company has begun working with television manufacturers to integrate the Xbox experience directly into Internet-connected televisions. Thanks to this system, which will allow the games included in Xbox Game Pass to be played in the cloud, these new devices, which will allow people who do not want to spend money on the new video console, to play streaming games, will bring a new base of clients for Microsoft.

Also, one of the announcements was about new subscription systems. In order to gain more subscriptions to the system, not much has been explained about this system, which is being worked on.

With great enthusiasm for membership, Microsoft also announced that cloud gaming via PC browsers will be available to all Game Pass Ultimate members “in the coming weeks” on Chrome, Safari, and Edge. Additionally, Microsoft is in the final stages of adding Xbox Series X server racks to data centers around the world to make cloud-streamed games look and perform better.

It seems that the company, which has seen that it has lost a lot in the last generation, is doing everything possible both to open up new areas and to sit in the leadership position. Although the Sony front is still silent, we are curious about the answer it will give.

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