Souls-style Final Fantasy game was Team Ninja

Souls-style Final Fantasy game was Team Ninja

Information about the new Final Fantasy game, which was rumored a while ago and said to belong to the Souls genre, continues to pour in. Previously, the user named “Navtra”, who caused some news to appear earlier due to Square Enix and Playstation connections, made a claim and stated that a new Final Fantasy game is in development. Also, it was said that this game is not Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II, rather it will be a secondary game in the series. Here are new accusations about this game.

Team Ninja creates the new Final Fantasy game

This new Final Fantasy game, which will be unveiled at E3 2021, is considered to be of the Souls type. Square Enix is ​​claimed to have agreed with the Team Ninja team for game development and the game has been handed over to this team who have signed one of the best Souls-style games with the Nioh series. The two companies had previously teamed up for the game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

It is also among the information that the game, which is said to have the name Final Fantasy Origin, will be linked to the first Final Fantasy game as a story. It is also stated that this new game will remain exclusive to Playstation 5 for at least a year, just like FFVII Remake.

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