Playstation 5 sales trail ahead of Xbox Series X

Playstation 5 sales trail ahead of Xbox Series X

PlayStation 5, which quickly became the center of attention for both its technology and its performance when it was announced, seems to have reflected this situation in its sales figures. In fact, we can say that no matter how much we say about the successful console, how much we write and draw is insufficient. The console achieved such good sales figures that it did not go unnoticed. With the PlayStation 5 sales figure, it once again registered its leadership in this field.

PlayStation 5 sales figures are better than expected

Sony and Microsoft are increasingly investing in their next-generation consoles to meet the growing demands of the industry. However, Sony is leading this race with the details revealed today. Based on the details we obtained from data from research company Finbold, the PlayStation 5 sold 8.6 million units with a unit price of $ 449.99 and generated an estimated revenue of $ 3.8 billion. The company revealed the sales figure for PlayStation 5 and the sales figure for Xbox X / S with graphics.

On the Microsoft front, the situation is a bit different. The Xbox X / S sold 5.12 million units worldwide, priced at $ 399.99. Both consoles had a combined revenue of $ 5.92 billion. Considering that $ 3.8 billion of this revenue came from PS5, we can say that $ 2.12 million entered the Microsoft case. On the other hand, it can be said that the PS5 sold 3,520,000 units more than the Xbox X / S series.

If we look at the current sales and revenue statistics, we can easily say that Sony is leading the race against Microsoft. It seems that the rivalry between Sony and Microsoft will continue to heat up in the next period.

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