Omen of Sorrow is coming to Xbox One this year

Omen of Sorrow is coming to Xbox One this year

Horror-themed fighting game for Xbox One in 2021 by publisher Eastasiasoft and developer AOne Games Harbinger of painannounced it.

The game originally launched for PS4 in November 2018 and for PC in July 2019.

According to the official description of the game, “Harbinger of painis a classic four-button 2D fighting game with graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4, a cast of characters inspired by classic horror, fantasy and mythology, and a designed combat system.

It features deep combat mechanics that favor movement and spacing over tight execution to provide an engaging experience for both professionals and beginners. The game has network code to undo via GGPO and local multiplayer. Players will be able to battle in “grim settings inspired by ancient European legends.” It can be embarked on adventure mode.

They will be able to challenge themselves in the Arcade and Survival modes and play online with their friends. They will be able to collect or practice more than 200 rewards in the game.

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