Konami changes its attitude about external resources

Konami changes its attitude about external resources

Konami is changing its attitude towards external resources with the launch of GetsuFumaDen. This, in turn, supports the old Silent Hill rumors.

Large companies have always been somewhat demanding when it comes to developing games with external studios. But KonamiWe can say that, in this selectivity, it was perhaps the best sieving and frequent weaving company. However, recent developments show that Konami is now changing its attitude towards outsourcing. Eventually, they developed and released with an independent studio called GuruGuru. GetsuFumaDen After the game, things seem to change to a different dimension in the future.

Is GetsuFumaDen becoming a turning point for Konami?

In an interview with JPGames, Konami GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon producer Shin Murato was asked how the company decided to partner with GuruGuru on the project and if the Japanese firm plans to outsource more of its legacy brands.

“We are constantly inspired by the various indie games and how they are able to innovate and become exciting games,” said Murato. “We thought that GetsuFumaDen would be an interesting intellectual property to follow this independent approach again, so we decided to contact GuruGuru because we know the team well.”

“They were looking for new approaches to graphic design and thought they would suit this IP well. Also, having fans of the original game GetsuFumaDen on the GuruGuru team helped a lot.”

As you know, GetsuFumaDen uses Ukiyo-e, a traditional Japanese art style, for graphic design and it looks great visually. This shows that one of the criteria Konami addresses in its approach to the studio has been applied quite successfully in the game. Also Murato said: “In terms of other collaborations, look forward to future projects like this!” saying.

Konami recently announced that it cannot be at E3 2021 due to timing issues. However, the company has hinted at some announcements in the coming period, emphasizing that there are several large game projects currently in development. Recent rumors report that Konami is working on new games for various IPs, including Silent Hill. However, no official announcement on this issue has yet been made. The company’s new Silent Hill game can get help from outside sources. You can access the details from the link below.

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