Knockout City has already reached 2 million players

Knockout City has already reached 2 million players

Knockout City got off to a very strong start for EA, which was unable to achieve the success it wanted with Rocket Arena. It will stay free for a few more days.

EA’s new game that’s temporarily free to play Knockout Cityattracted more than two million players in a few days. Technically inspired by the game of dodging the ball, the game has entered the radar of the players with its fun structure.

Knockout City seems to be gaining momentum

Although it doesn’t seem like a very ambitious game before launch with its trailers released, Knockout City attracted a lot of attention, especially with its free-to-play for a certain period of time. As announced by EA The production, which managed to reach more than 2 million players in a few days since its launch, seems to have picked up momentum. The company, which failed to achieve the success it wanted with the Rocket Arena they tested last year, appears to have found its opportunity in Knockout City.

The game is also helped by the fact that it is free for the first 10 days and makes it easier for players to immerse themselves in a game based on dodging the ball. It also includes full cross-play support that allows different platforms to play with each other. However, the game has a surprisingly competitive ecosystem and has received rave reviews from different walks of life. He also scored 72 points from production players with a Metacritic score of 76.

Knockout City is also in the EA Play library, making it accessible to users who subscribe to the service. While the “Block Party Edition” version sells for TL 139.99 on Steam for PC, users with the original game can upgrade to the Deluxe version by paying TL 69.99.

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