Hong Kong begins offering iPhone, Tesla, Gold Bar and more as an incentive for vaccines!

Hong Kong begins offering iPhone, Tesla, Gold Bar and more as an incentive for vaccines!

Hong Kong-based companies are offering a number of different incentives for citizens to get vaccinated, from iPhones to Tesla cars, flats and even the chance to win a ton of gold, and the plan works. Stocks for both doses of the vaccine have increased since the campaign went into effect.

Bloomberg reports that Hong Kong officials are turning to local businesses and billionaire owners to help improve vaccine acceptance. Only about 15.1% of Hong Kong’s 7.5 million people have been vaccinated during the pandemic period. As with many people who refuse to be vaccinated, fears of possible side effects and a lack of trust in the Beijing-backed government are leading many to decide to delay vaccination.

Number of daily cases in Hong Kong: 7 people

The low number of cases in Hong Kong, which still has many of the strictest quarantine and social distancing measures in the world, is making some people wonder why they should get vaccinated. There are currently around seven new infections per day, and only 210 people have died from the COVID-19 outbreak this year since the pandemic began. But the need to fully reopen the economy and protect against new variables launched the stimulus plan.

Hong Kong-based businessman Li Ka-shing ‘is handing out $ 2.6 million purchase coupons for the CK Group, via lottery, to anyone who has received two doses of the vaccine to encourage those who do not they want or don’t believe in getting the vaccine. Another company gives a $ 1.29 million subsidy to vaccinated low-income residents.

Some other companies offer even more interesting products: iPhones, a Tesla Model 3, cash back, coupons, and additional license for employees. One company receives gold bars as a reward, while another gives the vaccinated population a chance to win a new floor for $ 1.4 million.

If there were campaigns that offered this type of incentive to vaccination in our country, would you decide to get vaccinated? Specify in comments

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