Facebook working on a dual camera smartwatch

Facebook working on a dual camera smartwatch

Facebook, one of the social media giants, is reportedly working on a device that will rival Google and Apple by launching its own smartwatch. The Verge reports that the company is working on a fitness-focused smartwatch with a number of cool features.

The watch will reportedly be LTE-enabled through a major US carrier and will, of course, feature two cameras, a front one for video calls and a rear camera with 1080P resolution for photos, after removing it from its frame. of steel. Facebook is also reportedly working with third-party companies for other potential enclosures, such as putting the camera watch in your backpack.

The watch will reportedly run a custom version of Android and will come with the Facebook suite of apps.

Facebook wants to launch devices that can function without interacting with Google and Apple smartphones, which increasingly limit its access to users and their data. The company expects to sell several hundred thousand watches, available in white, black and gold, for around $ 400 each, but like everything else, that number is subject to change.

Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth, director of Facebook Reality Labs, said on Twitter that the leak could simply refer to a research project and that Facebook will have more to share when the device is ready.

According to original reports, the Facebook-owned smartwatch is scheduled to launch in the summer of 2022, and Facebook has already started developing successors in the coming years.

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