Death Stranding Director’s Cut Announced Through MGS Presentation

Death Stranding Director’s Cut Announced Through MGS Presentation

One of the important announcements of the Summer Game Fest event, which ended in the last hours, was the Death Stranding Director’s Cut version. Geoff Keighley, who had met with Hideo Kojima before due to the time difference, was going to end the conversation after a short conversation, but Kojima, who took the ball, also signed this new version of the game announcement. We can say that the reference to Metal Gear Solid that was made in this version, which appeared with a new video, was one of the memorable aspects of the announcement.

Death Stranding Director Cut Announced

It is also among the information that this new version of the game will be presented in full in the coming weeks. When we look at the posted video, we realize that there is a scene and a place that we did not see in the main game. Here, the video was said to be first taken from the PS5 version. This indicates that the new version will likely make its way to next-gen consoles alongside the PC. Of course, it seems complicated that it is a free update, but we hope it will not be sold at the full price of the game, and we move on to other details.

It is also claimed that the Death Stranding Director’s Cut version, which has improved graphics, lighting, and higher resolution support, will also include new regions and missions. In the video, a reference was made to hiding in the pack moments, which we often refer to in the Metal Gear series. The exact reason for this publication is unknown. But in a few different sources, it is also mentioned that the ice between Kojima and Konami may have melted. You can watch this promotional video below.

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