Cooler Master Caliber R2 Gaming Chair Review

Cooler Master Caliber R2 Gaming Chair Review

Attract attention with your quality of material and wink at the premium class player seats Cooler Master Caliber R2will be the new guest on our PC Tutors review table today.

Since it is one of the brand’s ambitious products, we will consider the gaming chair in detail, which we think is a bit more important to review. How is the quality of the material? What are the pros and cons of design? Let’s look for answers to these and many more questions.

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Cooler Master Caliber R2 Design and contents of the box

As with many other gamer products, we often see gorgeous and colorful designs on gaming chairs. Cooler Master This habit was not broken. The armchair is a magnificent and colorful series in terms of design. It is not such an exaggerated image, but we can say that it is a design worthy of a gaming chair.

Cooler Master Caliber R2

The series, which attracts attention with its edges that wrap around the shoulders when lying down, and its segmented color design, is also very successful in material quality. Synthetic leather material was chosen as the material chosen for the seat. The PU material, which we can define as high-quality artificial leather, has an air-permeable surface and according to the brand’s statement, thanks to this surface, the seat does not sweat.

Cooler Master Caliber R2

When we looked at the current temperatures in our review, we saw that the seat did not sweat as stated. But things can change when the air temperature rises a bit and the time you spend in the seat increases. This should be analyzed in long-term use tests.

Cooler Master Caliber R2

Other highlights in the design part are the upper headrest pillow and lumbar support. Here is also an adjustable lumbar support and a removable head pillow. However, we believe that some improvements should be made to the head pillow. The head pillow is a bit thick and a bit stiff. Could be changed a bit more for convenience.

Cooler Master Caliber R2

Before we move on to the contents of the box, let’s talk about the quality of the material. About the quality of the material Cooler Master Caliber R2, an ambitious product.

Steel material is used for both the lower leg and the rest of the frame. This shows that we are faced with a durable product even with prolonged use.

We have already said that PU leather is preferred on the upholstery part. Again, it is a high quality material. Our design notes are limited to this. Let’s move on to the box content part.

Cooler Master Caliber R2

  • Total height: 133.5 cm
  • Seat width: 58 cm
  • Back width: 58 cm
  • Steel plate thickness: 1.2 mm
  • Headrest: There are
  • Net weight: 21.5 kg
  • Colors: KANA special version, red, purple, gray, black

Cooler Master Caliber R2 What’s in the box

The box is not that small. Let’s call it a package. If we look at the total weight, the contents of the box 25 kg Let’s say it is. The box is heavy because it contains everything you need for installation.

Inside the box;

  • Upper part of the body
  • Lumbar support pillow and pillow for the upper part of the head
  • 5 wheels
  • steel support leg
  • Left Right Arm Supports
  • Vertical support with elevator for up and down movement
  • Plastic screw concealer for right and left
  • White gloves that you can use in the montage.
  • Screws and hex keys
  • There is a user manual.

Is it easy to assemble?

Before moving on to the ergonomic structure, we wanted to add information about the assembly. Cooler Master Caliber R2 Assembly It’s not very hard. With a little help, you can install the seat very easily.

If you evaluate it piece by piece, you only need to assemble 3 main parts for assembly. Lower support leg, riser and main seat body. Assembling these three parts will suffice. To help, let’s add the installation video shared by the brand in this section.

After looking at the design, the box contents, and the assembly. Cooler Master Caliber R2 has an ergonomic structure. Can we come in. Let’s see what else the gaming chair offers.

Cooler Master Caliber R2 Ergonomic structure

The chair has significant advantages over other models. While many competitors offer a load capacity of around 130-135 kg, the R2 seat, 150 kg load capacity offers. Of course, the use of steel material increases durability at this point.

Cooler Master Caliber R2

Another highlight about ergonomics is the reclined back position of the seat. Using the control lever on the side, the seat back up to 180 degrees you can deposit. A nice bonus for relaxing for long hours of play.

The elevator system, which is complementary to the ergonomic structure, that is, indispensable. 4th class elevator seatIt can be raised and lowered very easily.

Cooler Master Caliber R2

Finally, the armrests attract attention due to their ergonomic structure. The armrests can be lowered and raised, although they do not offer forward or backward tilt. It can also be moved left and right. This is one of the good benefits.

Cooler Master Caliber R2 review That’s all we have to say about it. Finally, we will make a general assessment and talk about the pros and cons.

general evaluation

It is a good product in terms of style and quality of material. However, we see prices above 2500 TL at the moment. Of course, prices cannot be expected to be low as there are customs duties and shipping costs. On the other hand, the pros and cons are:


  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • You can adjust the arm supports up and down or left and right.
  • PU material is used and in this way the surface breathes. Prevents sweating
  • Reclines up to 180 degrees
  • Elegant design
  • Ambitious for health. It has a load capacity of 150 kg.


  • There is no back and forth movement on the armrests.
  • The head pillow is a bit stiff and thick
  • The quality of the outer plastic coatings on the right and left could be improved.

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