Completed the June event of the Thermaltake Expo 2021

Completed the June event of the Thermaltake Expo 2021

Thermaltake Expo 2021 June Event It ended after a magnificent virtual presentation. We saw a lot of innovations at the event, which started on June 1 and continued through June 4. We saw new products, new colors for existing products, and much more.

We include new products introduced within the scope of the event. In this article, let’s give a general summary of the event. Let’s see what was introduced and what changes happened.

What did we see at the June event of Thermaltake Expo 2021?

Not only did new products arrive as part of the event. As we said, the software and the new color options have also arrived. So let’s see what we saw.

TT RGB Plus 2.0 software

One of the first products presented at the event was the new software. TT RGB Plus 2.0 The new software, called new software, allows you to edit the configuration of all the hardware from a single point.

Thermaltake TT RGB PLUS 2.0

You can edit everything from RGB settings of compatible Thermaltake products to modes using the easy-to-use software. We have already given information about RGB Plus 2.0. For more details, we include the link below.

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New color options

2021 Thermaltake Expo June At the event, new color options were presented for many products. The turquoise color option caught the eye. Especially Tower 100 The turquoise color option added to the case series managed to attract a lot of attention.

Thermaltake Expo 2021

We also saw the new racing green color option. New color options are also available for TOUGHRAM RGB memories, GF1 Gold series power supplies, and Argent E700 series leather gaming chairs. We share the details of all these color options. You can find its link just below.

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New models added to the divider box series

Another innovation was the additional box models added to the Divider series. 2021 Thermaltake Expo June In the new options, which are among the most striking products of the event, we saw both the ARGB plus models and the TG Air models that offer extra ventilation.

Divider series

If you want to see the new models added to the 500, 200 and 300 series boxes, you can click the link below.

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New Capabilities Released for TOUGHRAM XG RGB

XG RGB memories, which are among the refurbished products, got additional capacity solutions. The 32GB and 64GB versions have been added to the RAMs. Again, we have added detailed information for these versions in the link provided below.


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Thermaltake Core P6 TG Series

The latest innovation we will share from the full event is Core P6 TG it will be series. The cases, which will be the continuation of the P5 series of cases, became the models that attracted attention for their tempered glass plus and their functionality.

Thermaltake Core P6 TG

We have also included a detailed review of these models. We added the link for that article just below.

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2021 Thermaltake Expo June These were the products we saw at the event. We look forward to the next Thermaltake brand event, which has reached great masses with the products it offers, even though it is virtual. We will see when new events will come.

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