Battlefield 2042’s story processing will be reflected in multiplayer modes

Battlefield 2042’s story processing will be reflected in multiplayer modes

Battlefield 2042 has finally been announced with the official trailer released yesterday. I’m sure a lot of players get bored with the successive leaks, so the fact that the game has already been announced has opened the door to new information. Despite some scenario details announced for Battlefield 2042, it was also announced that there will be no story mode in the game. So how will it work, what modifications are there in the game?

Battlefield 2042 will not have stages or Battle Royale mode

Battlefield 2042 Announcement Video and Other Details

The Battlefield series has never been a series whose setting matters. We can even say that the scenarios in some games make you wish they never happened. The most prominent and enjoyable stage operation was War Stories. Battlefield 2042 will be one of the productions that bypasses the stage mode directly. Although the theme of the game is about a war that is about to break out between the United States and Russia, this theme will be emphasized in other modes of the game in general and will determine the sides in some way.

Another explanation about the game is that it will not have a Battle Royale mode. Instead, we’ll see a focus on multiplayer modes that support 128 players on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S and X, and 64 players on PS4 and Xbox One. Battlefield 2042 Design Director Daniel Berlin explained the reason for this. in an interview with Eurogamer and said that focusing on multiplayer modes allows the company to “focus on what we are best at.”

“You’ll see if you look at the DNA of the studio and what we’ve been doing for so long. That’s why we didn’t want to focus on running a scenario in the game. We used all that scenario emphasis and all these resources to add depth to the multiplayer modes. Because that’s what we do best. ” Berlin also emphasized that Battlefield 2042 will have a narrative woven into its multiplayer world, with stories told through the eyes of expert characters.

“We will introduce new experts in the game with live service and special seasonal content, and you will see how the world evolves through the eyes of the experts we have,” he said. Yes, there will be expert characters in the game, as in Rainbow Six, and although it focuses on multiplayer modes, we will be able to see the process of the story through these experts. Of course, it is also among the information that there will be many different processes in the game. Berlin addressed this issue with the words “there are other experiences in the game that we cannot talk about and that we are very excited about”.

Finally, let’s remember that Battlefield 2042 will be released on October 22.

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