Battlefield 2042 Announced! Video of the game and all the details

Battlefield 2042 Announced!  Video of the game and all the details

Battlefield 2042, the new game in the series, long called 6, has finally been announced. In fact, EA Games shared with us the first information about the next-gen Battlefield game in the new graphics engine tests at the EA Play event that took place last year. Since this presentation, which is mainly based on the graphics engine, is of course not an official announcement, we waited for the special announcement about the game to be made. Following the leaks, EA Games has signed the announcement of Battlefield 2042 at the time indicated above, that is, in the last minutes.

First Battlefield 2042 Video Released

In fact, we mentioned in our previous news that the name of the game may not be Battlefield 6. Because EA Games avoided using the number 6 in the short teaser video it published for the date of the announcement and only included the main logo of the series. With the official announcement, we also learned that the full name of the game is Battlefield 2042.

The game takes place in the future, as revealed in previous leaks. In story mode, as always, a scenario in which the United States and Russia faced off was preferred. In the game where we will manage an elite military unit, we will also have some superpowers. The game, where a new World War is about to break out, has support for 128 players in multiplayer modes. Here are some highlights of the game:

Many locations in scenario mode will appear on the game’s multiplayer maps. There will be seven maps in the first phase, which will include areas such as a desert in Seoul and Egypt.

Battlefield 2042 launches on October 15, 2021


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