13 New Games Added to the GeForce NOW Library, Including Chivalry 2

13 New Games Added to the GeForce NOW Library, Including Chivalry 2

NVidia announced that 13 more games have been added to the GeForce Now game library. It was announced that 15 more games were added to this cloud-based system, which began to serve with its servers in our country with Game +. The list of added games and the official statement are as follows;

13 New Games Added to the GeForce NOW Library

A total of 13 new games were added to the GeForce NOW library this week, including Tripwire’s Chivalry 2 and the RTX ON version of AMID EVIL. Additionally, a Legends of GeForce NOW special event and an E3 event special offer await players this week, where players can show off their best Apex Legends: Legacy moments using NVIDIA Highlights.

A legendary event for legendary players

NVIDIA Highlights, familiar to GeForce PC gamers, automatically captures video of key moments, powerful hits, and match-winning games in games like Apex Legends and saves them to the cloud. GeForce NOW adds support for games that use smart patterns and image recognition that run on cloud servers.

Players who submit their best Apex Legends: Legacy moments to GFNLegends.com between June 10-24 will have a chance to win appropriate Legends gaming gear.

As always, GFN Thursday updates mean more new games join GeForce NOW. This week’s new games include the simultaneous worldwide release of Tripwire’s Chivalry 2, the RTX ON (RTX trailer) version of AMID EVIL, and much more:

  • Chivalry 2 (June 8 on Epic Games Store at the same time as the world)
  • GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- (June 11 on Steam simultaneously with the world)
  • Beyond Good and Evil (Steam)
  • Morbid: The Seven Acolytes (Steam)
  • Neptunia Virtual Stars (Steam)
  • Not the robots (Steam)
  • Mission Hunter (Steam)
  • Sabotage (Steam, only available in Europe)
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon (Ubisoft Connect)
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Lockdown (Ubisoft Connect)
  • Townsmen – A Rebuilt Kingdom (Steam)
  • Vikings – Wolves of Midgard (Steam)

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